The Missouri river flooded three States of emergency, people died

Heavy rains and melting snow on the Average the Westhave led to the fact that in some areas the river Missourand overflowed.

Flooding in Nebraska and Iowa has been called «historic» for the region. Hundreds of families were forced to hastily evacuate. At this point, reported three dead.

West Dodge near Riverside lake

— OPD Helicopter (@OPDABLE1) March 17, 2019

According to preliminary information, in Nebraska, killing 50-year-old farmer, who helped another man escape from a flooded car. Another resident of the state died at home, refusing to evacuate.

In Iowa, the identity of the deceased is installed – this 55-year-old Aleida Rojas Galan, who was drowned during a flood in the city of Riverton.

Flood warnings are still in force in Eastern Nebraska, southern Wisconsin and parts of Iowa. It is expected that most water will remain here at least until Wednesday.

Sunday, March 17, the water level in the Missouri river reached 30,2 feet in Fremont County in southwest Iowa, breaking the record by 2 feet and climbing above the dams in the towns of Bartlett and Thurman.

Sunday afternoon, broke through the dam near North bend, Northwest Omaha, Nebraska. Authorities urged all local residents to immediately leave the apartment and climb the hills. However, some residents still chose to remain in their homes.

Video from the Elkhorn just north of Maple street near Valley, south to where the Platte and Elkhorn meet

— OPD Helicopter (@OPDABLE1) March 17, 2019

Among the residents evacuated from Bellevue (Nebraska), was, and Margie gay, who had lost two of their caravans.

«I don’t know where I’ll sleep tonight, don’t know where I will sleep tomorrow. Now I do not know what will happen next,» the woman said channel WOWT.

The governors of Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin declared a state of emergency.