Why unemployed immigrant volunteers in the U.S.

I took an assistant teacher of English as a foreign language in a class for beginners. It is not yet an «adult» work. On a volunteer basis. But by local standards a big step forward.

Probably on the other side of the pond is not very clear to my joy — I am free «yuzayut», think someone.


To the States to work at least approximately for the profession, which he studied in Russia (and CIS, Latin America and Africa, about Europe I will not tell), you need to have: American certificates and licenses — even if you want to be a plumber — and the American experience.

To obtain certificates and licenses is not easy. My classmate Raul in Mexico was quite wealthy with air conditioner technician: repaired yourself, earn, support the family house and then can not hand over the certificate of conditionermake, English is not enough.

But you can get. It depends on you: are you ready day and night to learn the language, to prepare for the exam, etc. But with experience in American companies is more complicated.

A vicious circle: you are unable to work (or is very difficult to achieve), because you have no such experience. And no experience, because you do not take the job. In this situation volunteering specialty becomes a lifesaver. As the line in summary it is as Yes sounds. And besides, the Protestant rule of «work is not a shame, a shame not to work» also works.

Maggie (the third generation in the States) told me how at some point looking for a job and for a long time. And all this time voluntarily at the headquarters of the local Senator. «Well, now I come to the interview, they ask me what I did these months while looking for work. And what would I say? Sitting at home watching TV?» Although in my case it is not thinking. I still need to learn. But the fact that I was able to return to his first profession, made me very happy and inspires. After graduate school, I also taught the language to foreigners. However, Russian. The Turks, Syrians, Congolese, Chinese and even Australians.