Scientists are waiting for meganathan in the southern States this spring

Scientists believe that the flood in the Mississippi valley this spring could become historic in its scope and appeal to the authorities and residents of States that are at risk of flooding, to take urgent action.

There continue to be serious flood risks across large parts of the Missouri and Mississippi River basins. If you are under a flood warning, take action to get to a safe place.

— FEMA (@fema) March 21, 2019

According to Mary Erickson, Deputy Director of the National weather service, severe flooding that is now taking place in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and other Midwestern States, represent a preliminary stage of the madness that forecasters expect to late spring. «Flooding this year could be worse than anything we have seen in recent years, even worse than the historic floods of 1993 and 2011,» said she KNOE 8. Rapid melting of snow on the upper Midwest contributes to the floods that will eventually occur downstream to the Gulf coast. The last bomber a cyclone in the beginning of the month for its abundant snow also significantly increased the probability of a catastrophic flood.

More than 200 million people at risk of flooding this spring, said Bloomberg, Edward Clark, Director of the National aquatic centre, USA in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. According to him, at least 13 million people could be in the area of the catastrophic consequences of the floods.

Mississippi River levels won’t be impacted by floods in Midwest

— Deborah Kuchler (@ddkuchler) March 21, 2019

And all the terrible scenarios he sees hydrology from Louisiana state University And Jun Xu, who notes that the bottom of the river have risen significantly in recent years due to sediments. «Meganewton» can now defeat a giant flood control system construction to the North of New Orleans. This can lead to the fact that Mississippi will pave a different direction and will rapidly go the new route to the Gulf of Mexico. Then the sea may push salt water upstream into the river, destroying the drinking water of New Orleans.

A look at the Mississippi River tonight. It’s expected to crest next week at approximately 6 feet above flood stage along the St. Louis Riverfront.

— Jeff Bernthal (@JeffBernthal) March 16, 2019

Major flooding is happening this week around several southern cities including Arkansas city, Arkansas; Natchez, Mississippi; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the area of rolling Fork, Mississippi, citizens first noticed that the water rises in the swamps near the Mississippi river in late February. The water is ultimately penetrated in some of the houses in the area, approximately 65 kilometers North of Vorkuta. According to Kevin low, hydrologist of the forecasting Centre of the river in the basin of the Missouri river at pleasant hill, a city on the banks of the Missouri river are already flooded, suffered most of all Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. However, according to brad Rippey, a meteorologist from the Ministry of agriculture of the USA, the loss to agriculture can be minimized, if fulfilled, the forecast for more dry weather on the next part of the spring.