In the South-Eastern States is coming a severe storm: in the danger zone 26 million people

About 26 million people are «in danger zone» of strong stormsthat move East through the States of the Gulf coast.

The first blow of the bad weather, according to forecasts, will happen today, Monday, April 8.

As reported by the staff of the National weather service, on Monday of possible storms with destructive winds and hail in Georgia (including Atlanta), East Tennessee, North and South Carolina (including Charlotte and Roles), Southeast Virginia (including Richmond), and also in the North Mississippi and West Alabama.

«Spring came, and the season of severe weather,» said CNN meteorologist Pedram, Javaheri.

According to meteorologists, in some areas can happen, a tornado, and in the valley of the Mississippi river are predicted flooding due to heavy rains that overwhelm the region.

Moving to the East a storm system for the weekend has caused three tornadoes in Texas and Mississippi, and flooding in Arkansas, where in a short time received more than 8 inches of rain.

Later this week another storm system, this time from the Rockies. The storm will bring rain and even snow in Colorado, Oregon, and in the Great lakes region.

Last weekend the southern Oregon and Northern California received more than 7 inches of rain, some rivers overflowed. Near Eugene city residents had to evacuate.

Residents of the aforementioned States are encouraged to follow the updates of weather forecasts and avoid long trips on highways may be especially dangerous.