«Bomb cyclone» in the United States: snow storms, road closures and cancellation of flights (video)

Yesterday, April 10, to several States hit by the so-called «bomb cyclone»that brought heavy snowfalls in April. Forecasters now fear floods.

The strongest shock took over South Dakota, Minnesota and Colorado.

Heavy snowfall has disrupted air and ground transport in the environment. Roads impassable in the North-Eastern part of South Dakota, the visibility dropped to a few feet. In Denver overturned half the daily flights.

It’s April in South Dakota. 🙆 ♀ on!!! #sdwx #SiouxFalls #snow #sleet pic.twitter.com/7FJmhe5VCE

— Janice Maldonado (@janicemaldon) April 11, 2019

The national weather service reported that some areas in Eastern South Dakota and southwestern parts of Minnesota dropped to 2.5 feet of snow. Blew also dangerous strong winds up to 50 mph (80,46 km/h).

«This is a record snowfall for April in the state,» said Mike Connelly, meteorologist in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Officials have closed interstate 29 from the Eastern part of South Dakota to the border with North Dakota, as well as a 270-mile stretch of I-90.

There were numerous accidents in the North-Eastern part of South Dakota, thousands of homes and businesses in Sioux falls remained without electricity.

Just how bad is it in Watertown? Thanks @kelostormcenter for letting us monitor just how much conditions have deteriorated between the morning and now #SDWX pic.twitter.com/okhoGB76Fq

— NWS Aberdeen (@NWSAberdeen) April 10, 2019

In Colorado, 150 miles off I-76 from the northeast of Denver to the border with Nebraska was also closed, and the Governor Jared Polis activated the National guard in case to rescue stranded motorists need a military.

In the Central part of South Dakota it was an unusual weather phenomenon known as «thunder snow» — the snow, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Crazy thunder snow currently over Sioux, Falls. Check this out!#SDwx pic.twitter.com/dn9qujghRf

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) April 11, 2019

The Governor of the state of Kristi Noem has closed state government offices in 52 districts and all schools.

«The storm was consistent with a scientific definition of what is usually called a «bomb cyclone,» said David Roth, a meteorologist for the National weather service in Maryland.

A weather phenomenon is a very rapid drop in atmospheric pressure. According to the Company, now the most important thing to think about the consequences of the storm, because the region is threatened by floods.

In March, a similar cyclone was the reason for the exit of the river banks in the Midwest. Flood damage in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri billions of dollars.