On the weekends in the southern United States promised thunderstorms and tornadoes

Weekend for residents of the southern United States from East Texas to Mississippi will be in trouble, as for these areas, weather forecasters issued a warning about the dangerous violence of the weather: here are predicted severe thunderstorms that may be accompanied by hail, high winds, flash floods and the large number of tornadoes.

Major severe weather #outbreak likely today from eastern Texas to the Lower MS Valley region. Threats include damaging winds, very large #hail, flash #flooding, and long-track violent #tornadoes. This is a dangerous situation not to be taken lightly. https://t.co/6AmXXoM43i pic.twitter.com/9Ls0BkvPbH

— The National Weather Service (@NWS) April 13, 2019

The National Weather Service on Saturday issued a warning of high risk of dangerous weather in parts of Texas, Louisiana, southern Arkansas, Mississippi and Western Alabama. Bob Oravec, a meteorologist at Weather Prediction Center, noted that the storms will be intense, long-term and will take place over a large area.

Saturday morning is particularly strong thunderstorms will be held in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi – reported that some districts have already passed a hailstorm. Somewhere in Texas early this morning also held a strong storm and caused destruction in the North-East of the state near Scottsville as a result of floods had been felled 10 posts.

Meteorologists predict that from Eastern Texas to Western Alabama will be damaging winds, with speeds up to 70 mph (113 km/h), And on the ground can fall very large hail (diameter hailstones can reach about 5 cm).

It is expected that the storms will go until Saturday evening and there is a risk of a tornado. Some of the experienced tornadoes can be very strong, so that all the people in these areas should be ready to save your life and property. People are advised to closely monitor changes in the weather and have a plan of action in case their area is going to happen a natural disaster.

Forecasters predict that severe thunderstorms, including the possibility of tornadoes, will be held at night. Then the element will shift to the East and North-East.

By Sunday morning the storms started moving to the East will subside. Compared to Saturday, Sunday, a common threat of tornadoes in the South will be much lower. However, a few storms can still trigger the occurrence of tornadoes in Alabama, Georgia, Florida Panhandle and the North-Western part of South Carolina.

«The worst will be this morning until tonight,» says Oravec. – «After that everything should calm down as you move to the East.»