Tornadoes in the South USA: 6 dead, a family lost two children, destroyed dozens of homes (video)

On weekend, storms struck the southern U.S., bringing tornadoes and floods. The disaster has killed at least 6 people, including three children.

«That’s a big one!» Dramatic video captures family driving away from a tornado on Saturday near the town of Hearne, Texas.

— ABC News (@ABC) April 15, 2019

So, on Saturday in Texas , killing two brothers – 3-year-old Jace Creel and 8-year-old Dilin Creel. On the car of their family collapsed tree in Lufkin, a town about 150 miles Southeast of Dallas.

«The tree squashed the car as a pancake,» said captain Alton Lenderman with the Sheriff’s office Angelina County.

The boys were in the back seat of the car, their parents in the front seat were not injured.

On GoFundMe was created page to help the family, it was created by Kirsten REDD, the mother of the best friend of the deceased Delinda.

«Saturday family Kryliv lost both boys. The family needs help and prayers,» reads the page.

Tornadoes in the South USA: 6 dead, a family lost two children, destroyed dozens of homes (video)Photo: GoFundMe

On Saturday and Sunday in the southern U.S. it was reported seventeen tornadoes.

About 25 people were hospitalized (eight in critical condition) when the tornado hit the historical monument Caddo Mounds in East Texas during the cultural events of native Americans.

Another tornado destroyed almost the entire southern part of the city of Franklin in Central Texas. The tornado destroyed 55 houses, a Church, four businesses and part of a government building.

The EF-3 tornado that hit Franklin, Texas picked up one family’s home and threw it across the street with seven people inside. Fortunately, everyone is okay! @KBTXNews

— Haley Vyrostek (@haleyvyrostek) April 14, 2019

When the storm moved to the East, in Mississippi, 95-year-old man died when a tree fell on his trailer in Monroe County. In Louisiana, 13-year-old Sebastian Omar Martinez drowned in a drainage channel. Another person not yet identified, died in a flooded car near Calhoun in Louisiana.

When a devastating storm moved to Alabama, killing a worker who was helping to clean up fallen trees in the suburbs of Birmingham. He was hit by a car, whose driver due to bad weather lost control.

Now the storm system moved into Georgia and will move on to the East coast.