In upstate new York this summer will be hotter than usual

Several meteorological services working in long-term forecasts, saying that in the northeast and in upstate new York, summer is likely to be much warmer than usual.

The Weather Channel and Climate Prediction Center relating to the National Weather Service yesterday announced that according to their data, and on the East and West coasts of the country in the summer changes to be expected in normal temperatures.

«Average summer temperatures will be higher than usual, on both American coasts and in the Central part of the country will be cooler on the contrary,» — said in the Weather Channel.

In upstate new York this summer will be hotter than usualSource: NOAA.

However, the meteorological service noted that in June, July and August, there may be periods when the weather can be cool even on the coasts.

Why this summer in new York city will be hotter

The Weather Channel and Climate Prediction Center agree also in opinion concerning the reasons which contributed to the change in the weather.

The weather in North America continues to affect El niño — an anomalous warming in the Eastern Pacific ocean along the equator. Climate Prediction Center say that the El Nino will remain in the US for the summer with a probability of about 65%.

Furthermore, the amount of sea ice along the Western coast of Alaska is now below the norm, which also promotes rise in temperature in the Pacific Northwest.

Cold in the Central part of the country, forecasters explain the heavy rains that occurred in the last two months. Because the soil is saturated with moisture, can do much more to cool the air.

Of course, meteorological centers often wrong. But last year’s summer forecast for upstate new York in the end turned out to be correct.

They said summer in this region will be warm. The average temperature in Syracuse was indeed 1 degree above normal. Although the feeling seemed to be that the temperature was even higher, due to the extremely high humidity and very warm nights. In the end, the past summer was the hottest in Syracuse for the past 45 years.