Florida a tropical depression, threatening heavy rainfall and floods

The Atlantic hurricane season hasn’t officially begun, but on the North-Western part of the Bahamas formed a tropical storm, bringing rain and thunderstorms. It is expected that in the next few days he will move to the Northwest towards Florida.

A tropical cyclone has forced the national center for U.S. monitoring hurricanes to publish on Wednesday morning, the special weather forecast, as it still does not release daily predictions before the official start of hurricane season on 1 June.

Center gives cyclone 20% to turn into a tropical depression or storm within the next 5 days. However, the center noted that even if the cyclone does not intensify, it will still bring to the Bahamas and Florida heavy rains.

A trough of low pressure over the NW Bahamas has a low chance of becoming a tropical cyclone once it moves over the western Atlantic later this week. Locally heavy rains are possible over portions of the Bahamas and Florida during the next couple of days https://t.co/tW4KeGdBFb pic.twitter.com/zamD0rsXGA

— National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) May 1, 2019

Residents of Florida should prepare for heavy rainfall that can cause flooding. Wet weather conditions will start Thursday and will last into the weekend. Daytime thunderstorms will be more numerous, prolonged and accompanied by much heavy precipitation compared to normal for this time of year thunderstorms.

If the cyclone turns into a tropical or subtropical storm, it will be named Andrea, which is the first name in the list of 2019 for Atlantic storms.

Although the emergence of a strong enough storm to get your own name before the season is rare, but it happened, and in recent years several times.

Last year on may 25 near the Yucatan Peninsula occurred with tropical storm Alberto. After 3 days Alberto struck the Florida Panhandle and brought heavy rainfall and strong winds.

In 2017, tropical storm Arlene began even earlier, becoming only the second tropical storm, which was given the name in April.