Houston was under heavy rain, hail and strong wind, the townspeople counted the damage and share the video

Stormy was the last night for Houston, which was covered with a storm wind, severe thunderstorm and pouring rain. A lot of inconvenience experienced by the thousands of spectators in the stadium, Minute Maid Park, gathered last night for a game of your favorite team at the airports was delayed flights this morning were closed schools. Many motorists found their cars on the Parking lots under water.

The level fell in the night rain amounted to 1 to 3 inches (7.5 cm), sometimes up to 6 inches (15 cm). Squally strong wind and heavy rain hampered the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, it started hailing — eyewitnesses claim that the size of a Golf ball.

Houston said I know it was like a billion degrees this afternoon, here’s some golfball sized hail pic.twitter.com/B8aor510cI

— Charlotte Weathers (@DeathByBlondie) May 10, 2019

Evening and night walks left citizens not a very pleasant experience, but very frequented video and photos, which are now residents of the Houston post on your social networks.

Downtown Houston flooding pic.twitter.com/LjUEUkYfJi

— Spencer Mason (@Spinner_03) May 10, 2019

Not less experience got the audience gathered at the match of the local Houston Astros in a big stadium, Minute Maid Park. Under the pressure of rain ran down the roof above the podium, much wet, although and not cooling fans.

It rained so hard in Houston that Astros fans had to battle the rain INSIDE the dome ☔I🤯

(via @JackieKohlmaier) pic.twitter.com/PCQwyhHic8

— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) May 10, 2019

The damage from the disaster for the city economy and to the property of residents is not yet clarified. But it certainly affected many cars.

Is Houston the Nation’s Capital Flood? – via the Weather Underground pic.twitter.com/8kFf1fkBzc

— goose geisen (@goosegeisen) May 10, 2019

There is a high probability of floods in the Houston and surrounding area. The experts once again remind the authorities that the development of the drainage system lags behind the rapid growth of the city, which is still under construction takes the square, who previously worked as a natural drainage of the former wetland floodplains.

Hurricane Harvey please don’t come back !!! I hope everyone is safe ! #houstonweather pic.twitter.com/vGwIm5n4MX

— giss (@giiizyyyy) May 10, 2019

By lunchtime Friday the rain had fizzled out, but forecasters do not advise to relax, claiming that the climatic test for Houston has not yet ended. Today and tomorrow it is quite possible the recurrence of strong winds and heavy rain.

Kingwood high school students helped clean up flooding damage after rain storms ravaged the Houston area over the weekend. Nearly four inches of rain has fallen in the last few hours in areas northeast of Houston. https://t.co/qtuLCa77mN (Andrew Korda) pic.twitter.com/TqcQsmUrKD

— Houston Chronicle (@HoustonChron) May 7, 2019