In the United States continue to rage tornadoes, thunderstorms and floods

Tornado season continues to rage, bringing floods and thunderstorms. The element destroys the house, deprives the Americans of a roof over your head and takes away life. Since the beginning of the year recorded 960 reports of tornadoes across the country as of may 28. It is already 200 more than in previous years.

In the evening a tornado struck Texas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. Some residents were forced to leave their homes, there are wounded.

In cedar Creek tornado destroyed 2 houses, another 15 were injured. Then the storm moved to the East, and now Texas is preparing for the flood.

The Arkansas River a couple of miles downstream of the Dardanelle Lock and Dam this afternoon. My heart aches for our farm families throughout the River Valley. #arwx

— Jesse Hays (@WhistlePig11) May 30, 2019

The consequences of a tornado inflict no less damage than the elements. The water level in the Arkansas river has reached a critical maximum, becoming deadly. 64-year-old man drowned in his van: this is the first confirmed victim of the floods in the state. The water level in the town of Fort Smith has reached 5-8 feet, and it continues to rise, flooding houses and entire streets.

«I don’t think all ever again be the way it was before the flood. — said Keith Stephens of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission — I Think the landscape will change forever. Besides, people might not want to go back».

Rain intensifies flooding in saturated Arkansas, Oklahoma…

— Sudip Pan (@SudipPan100) May 30, 2019

In Muskogee County, due to the fact that the Arkansas river out of its banks, were evacuated 2,400 people. Almost 1100 houses flooded. Rain continued to walk, making it difficult to carry out rescue and recovery work.

FOX BIZ NEWS: Oklahoma Gov. says flooding is of historic proportions, some lives lost

— Timothy Franklin (@Timothy48457770) May 30, 2019

In Oklahoma strengthen the dam and drain construction. Meteorologists predict that the state will experience the worst in the history of the flood. Plum the largest city of Tulsa was not tested in the 40-ies. The state government fear that sand springs has a population of 20 000 is completely under water. Now about 150 houses in it have suffered.