Analysts predicted the global crisis by 2050

«Nearly one billion people will be forced to move due to unlivable conditions. Two billion will face water scarcity. Agriculture in subtropical areas of the die. Food is a critical little», — such forecast was made by scientists in the year 2050.

The report endorsed the retired Admiral Chris Barrie, who headed the armed forces of Australia from 1998 to 2002. The report was written by David Spratt, the Director of the research centre, Breakthrough, and Ian Dunlop, former head of the Australian coal Association.

As reported by Spratt Motherboard, the main problem is that the information you get in politics, too conservative — and the current threat is not perceived with due care. Therefore, in their opinion, need a detailed analysis of possible development scenarios in the near future and consequently, safety assessment.

A terrible scenario for the extinction of mankind due to climate change, according to scientists, is implemented for only the next 30 years. By 2050, says report — civilization «reaches the point of no return.»

Even if global warming by 2050 will not exceed 3 degrees Celsius, the consequences for many on Earth will be devastating. Scientists believe that the deadly heat in the tropics will hold up to 100 days in a year, which will lead to population migration from West Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East in countries with a temperate climate. Lower yields will lead to higher food prices. The number of natural disasters, fires, hurricanes and floods will increase significantly.

It is considered that the meteorologists and environmentalists are exaggerating the scale of the disaster. The document States that in fact they, in contrast, often underestimate the risk.

«The day of judgment does not have to occur. But without immediate action — a bad prospect,» writes Chris Barry.

The only way to avoid extinction scientists see the creation of the industry with zero emissions. Otherwise, the main ecosystems of the planet — coral reefs, Amazon forest, Antarctica — will disappear. And to prevent a catastrophe, according to Spratt and Dunlop is now starting an emergency mobilization as in wartime.

In the introduction to the document, Chris Barry wrote: David Spratt, Ian Dunlop and discovered the ugly truth about the disappointing future of our planet, drawing a disturbing picture of the real prospects of mankind to be on the verge of extinction — and the worst sposb.