According to the New Orleans fly swarms of «blind mosquitoes» that smell of rot and fish food. Fu

Like in the movie «the Birds», but with the mosquitoes and no-kill. The inhabitants of New Orleans witnessed the invasion of billions of insects, clinging to the windshields of vehicles and Windows of buildings across the city and its surroundings.

Water gnats — also known as «blind mosquitoes» — do not bite, do not drink blood and do not carry disease. Moreover, the presence of insects usually lay eggs in polluted water, it is useful for the environment: but this does not mean that local residents are delighted with them. Among the many complaints coming from mosquitoes and the smell of rotting food for aquarium fish.

Most midges are attracted to lake Pontchartrain on the South of the city. Usually it is brackish water, deterring most insects, but from may 10 to ease the pressure on urban levees in the lake diverted flows from the Mississippi river, which deposited the fertilizer and chemicals from the Central part of North America — and this is a feast for midges.

They’re aquatic midges, often called «blind mosquitoes.» They don’t bite and they’re good for the environment, but they sure can be a nuisance #crossovers

— Art Dalvik (@ArtDalvik) June 20, 2019

«When they appear, usually right amount to billions. says entomologist from St. Tammany Mosquito Abatement District Nick De Lisi in an interview with the Associated Press And although the invasion does not last long, it’s unbearable.»

According to De Lisi, in the coming weeks, the mosquitoes are likely to breed, and their numbers grow. The biggest problem they are at risk to become for the inhabitants of some local homes: if insects hide in cracks or crevices, and then they die, residents will long haunt the smell of rotten fish.

Witnessed the «invasion» they say that the midges turn every day into a real torture. Carlton Dufrechou working on the bridge over Pontchartrain, complains of unbearable sounds that you hear every time is forced to pass through Roy and mosquitoes crash into the window of the car. According to men, in such cases it is better to simply slow down and, in the event of a collision, do not attempt to clean the windshield from midges wipers.

‘It’s a living hell’: Plague of blind mosquitoes that smell like rotting fish descends on New Orleans after fertilizer-rich Mississippi River is diverted 😷😷

That’s gonna be a no for me, dawg.

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The Roger Boudreau, who once swarmed insects, still recalls this incident with horror.

«I jumped out of the car and began to run here and there, but only if they are unhooked. he says WWL TV — the People around laughed, it was just ridiculous.»

«My granddaughter was going to work in the morning, but just couldn’t get out. — adds Silvina Henry — Everything was in midges».

Although the service for the control of insects have already been reports with requests to get rid of insects, until now the authorities answered in the negative: «blind mosquitoes» are the food of local fish and poultry, as well as purified water by filtering out organic waste.

«We could [spraying pesticides], but this would be serious consequences. — I podcherknul De Lisi — Mosquitoes are annoying, but no more. They do not bite and are not carriers of disease.»