In Colorado the summer started with 2 feet of snow

Nothing says the beginning of the summer season, as nearly two feet of snow in a Sunny day in June. If you don’t believe, ask the residents of Colorado.

At the time, like in Florida, the temperature soared to 32C, and because of the heat declared a weather alert in the Centennial state, the snow began to fall on Friday — at an altitude of about 7,000 feet, West of Denver.

Snow in Breckenridge, Colorado!

— Jennifer Thompson (@jayhawk2003) June 22, 2019

In Steamboat springs the rainfall reached a record 20 inches, compared to the usual June 0.1 inch. This is not the limit: forecasters do not exclude the possibility of another snowfall on Sunday. According to CNN meteorologist gene Norman, the last time the city saw snow so late in the summer in 1928 when he dropped out on June 17. As a rule, the snow season ends here on may 6.

Good morning it’s June 22nd and we just got snow in Colorado

— stephen (@noXsanctuary) June 22, 2019

This phenomenon is quite simple to explain. The atmosphere in the state became more humid and warmer than before — but to feel the effects of the change can mainly inhabitants of the highlands, while at ground level you are unlikely to witness a Blizzard.

Welcome to summer in Colorado!
Snow in Steamboat Springs today. From Adam Martinez.

— Matt Mauro (@mattmauronews) June 21, 2019

Fortunately, the locals from winter weather just love it and have already posted a bunch of «snow» selfie.

It may be summer, but snow is still falling in the mountains of Colorado. Here’s a look at Steamboat Springs today!

📷: Shannon Lukens

— 9NEWS Denver (@9NEWS) June 23, 2019

«Yes, on my palm snow. — tweeted singer Kelly Clarkson — Time of snowballs in June. I Love Colorado!»

Yes, that is snow in my hand. Snowball fights in June. I love Colorado!

— Kelly Clarkson (@kellyclarkson) June 14, 2019

«Only in this state on the first day of summer can go snow,» agreed another user.

Only in Colorado does it snow the first day of summer 😂

— Chxv (@CoDude5280) June 21, 2019

And who the hell wants a beach season, if you can build a snow Fort?

Winter Park, Colorado, just now, On the first full day of summer. This is the storm affecting KC this weekend! This is up at 9,000 feet!

— Gary Lezak (@glezak) June 22, 2019