+32 ºC and above: new York is approaching the first wave of this heat

The first wave of real heat of summer to the beginning of Friday, June 28, will come to the North-East of the country – in the Atlantic States.

High pressure from the Tennessee valley will spread to the East coast at the end of this week.

As reported by weather forecasters, a «corridor» Interstate 95 from new York to Washington (D. C.) the air temperature exceeds 90 ºF (+32 ºC), and this will be the first official heat wave in the summer season.

+32 ºC and above: new York is approaching the first wave of this heat

A heat wave is the period when 90 ºF kept for three days or more. The heat felt by the residents, in particular, of the Baltimore (Maryland), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Washington (D.C.), Providence (Rhode island), Boston (mA), new York. In some parts of the region to a week-end day can be up to 100 ºF (+36…+37 ºC).

The heat will be accompanied by dry weather without precipitation, but on Friday, June 28, thunderstorms can catch Western areas of the States of new York and Pennsylvania.

Meteorologists say that the heat may lead to deterioration of clean air in some parts of the North-East US this weekend.

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«Children, the elderly and people with asthma or other respiratory diseases should limit time spent outdoors in the heat,» said AccuWeather meteorologist Kyle Elliott.

Residents are encouraged to wear light clothes and stock up on drinking water before leaving the house.

However, the water temperature in the Atlantic is cold, so those wishing to swim have to be careful due to temperature changes.

It is expected that in the first days of July heat from the Central plains will move northeast, and the region is still summer-hot.