After the terrible hail of the machine and at home on the streets of the Mexican town drowned under a thick layer of snow and ice

On Sunday morning, 30 June, crazy weather brought the inhabitants of the Mexican city unusual summer surprise. After the strong castle of street, suburb of Guadalajara is literally turned into an ice river.

The snow level in some places reached 1.5 meters. An avalanche of ice was buried under a machine, people who were at that moment on the road, escaped from the disaster on the roofs of their cars. Authorities report that affected about 200 houses, 50 cars got stuck under a crust of ice.

WOW!!! Absolutely extraordinary views of the #hail accumulations in Guadalajara, #Mexico this morning 30th of June…. Video by 📸 Criztal Padilla IG #severeweather #ExtremeWeather #worldwide

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Now the government and the army are trying to minimize the damage, to clear roads and help citizens who have lost their homes. About the victims and deaths not yet reported.

My city Guadalajara, Jalisco had its first big storm hailing last night and I’ve never seen such rarity, and it rains like hell over there. Thats 39.8 inches of hail. 1 meter and a half. Can yall see how trapped these trailers are????
Video credits to my father:

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Guadalajara is situated at an altitude of about 5000 feet above sea level. Here a temperate climate, and in the summer months, rain showers are frequent — and severe weather residents are not new. However, such a storm and a hailstorm that turned the city into an ice field, they have not seen.

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WOW!!! Extraordinary #hail accumulations in Guadalajara, #Mexico this morning 30th of June…. Video by Mike 📸 Colima IG #severeweather #ExtremeWeather #worldwide

— WEATHER/ METEO WORLD (@StormchaserUKEU) June 30, 2019

This is what it looks like this morning in neighborhoods I used to visit frequently in Guadalajara, Mexico after an intense hail storm last night.

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To @AndrewScheer @jkenney @fordnation @POTUS and other climate change imbeciles: Guadalajara Mexico, a subtropical climate, covered in icy snow since last night — June 29, 2019. Brief hail can happen occasionally but never so much for so long at the *end* of June! Plus flooding.

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Hail storm in tropical #Guadalajara #México 🇲🇽 last night.

Let’s keep drilling, pumping, and burning fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow.

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People walk in Guadalajara, Mexico after a hail storm buried vehicles and damaged buildings
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This, of course, not Guadalajara, but in Colorado the summer started, too, began with snow.