A tropical cyclone formed in the Gulf of Mexico and could become a hurricane «Barry»

Give forecasters a higher probability that soon the United States may face with my first tropical threat in the hurricane season of 2019.

Monday, July 8, the national hurricane center increased to 80% chance that tropical system will develop in the Gulf of Mexico by mid-week.

Several models of the development of storm systems that show a potential threat to Florida and the southern part of Louisiana.

Development chances are now up to 80% and the development area has been expanded west. #Barry High confidence a tropical cyclone will form this week in the Gulf. pic.twitter.com/23UBHd9JIA

— Hurricane Tracker App (@hurrtrackerapp) July 8, 2019

But do not panic. Meteorologists note: still very early to say whether this system is strong enough to be called (by the way, this will be the name «Barry»).

Note that the average date of the first «named» storm in the Atlantic — July 9.

To get a tropical system, we need warm water temperatures in the ocean, low «tail» winds that guide storms in the atmosphere and the low pressure zone. All of these three «ingredients» are present now in the Gulf of Mexico.

In the Southeast US raging almost daily thunderstorms, and the remnants of these storms will help create a low-pressure system in the very warm waters of the «Big bend» of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

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According to forecasts, the formation of the tropical system will begin by Wednesday, July 10. The national hurricane center has increased the chances of the formation of this storm with a 20% Saturday 50% Sunday and 80% on Monday.

So, if you are a resident of the Gulf coast, what should I do? Nothing yet (not to worry), but be vigilant and follow the weather news during the week.

Meteorologists say that the route of such systems is more complex than the route of growing eddies in the ocean. Each tropical threat could turn into a potential flood or a hurricane for the coastal States, so be prepared in any case. And, of course, do not ignore the calls for a voluntary evacuation if they will release the power of the city or state.