The heat is on in Alaska: the largest city in the state of +32 ºC, and it is a record in the history

According to the National weather service (NWS), July 4, the temperature in anchorage (state of Alaska) for the first time in the entire history of weather observations has reached 90 ºF (+32 ºC).

This temperature broke the previous record of the city at 5 degrees.

UPDATE! At 5pm this afternoon, #Anchorage International Airport offically hit 90 degrees for the first time on record. #AKwx #RecordHeat

— NWS Anchorage (@NWSAnchorage) July 5, 2019

In anchorage, located more than 1,000 miles North of Seattle (Washington state), so the heat was not with June 14, 1969, when the thermometer showed 85 ºF (+29ºC).

According to the NWS, the average temperature for anchorage independence Day is 65 ºF (18 ºC).

By the way, in June of this year in anchorage, the most populous city in the state, with a population of about 300 thousand people, the air temperature during the month was an average of 5.3 degrees above normal. This was the sixteenth consecutive month in Alaska with the air temperature above the usual for the Northern state.

June was also the driest in the history of the city, it was only 0.06 inches of rain. Normal monthly rainfall in June is 0.97 inches, so in June fell by only 6% of the normal snowfall for anchorage.

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The combination of hot, dry weather is «perfect recipe» of forest fires, which the fire Department of the state of Alaska has banned the sale and use of fireworks in certain areas.

«This week in anchorage again will be warm and even hot, — said NWS meteorologist bill Ludwig. – A wave of heat emerged from the giant ridge of high pressure sitting right over us. This ridge prevents the penetration of cold air inside the ocean state».

Many residents of Alaska only rejoice unusually warm weather, spending free time in nature.

«That’s great! — said a resident of anchorage Myrtle McLaughlin in an interview with Alaska Public Media. I live here since 1978, and it’s probably the best weather that I have seen Alaska».