A heat wave in the US has caused the death of 6 people

Deadly heat covers almost half of the territory of the United States. According to the authorities, she can suffer up to 200 million Americans from the Midwest to the East coast. High temperature has caused the death of six people.

According to CBS News, four people were killed in Maryland, one died in Arizona and one in Arkansas because of the heat. The overall temperature will rise to 100-115°F (37-46°C) to the end of the week.

Dr. Christopher Rodriguez, Director of the regional Agency of national security and emergency management, said officials will continue to monitor the growth temperature.

Health workers on the East coast and Midwest are warned about the symptoms of heat stroke.

Doctors say that during heat stroke the victim may experience headache, slurred speech, anxiety. In case of overheating the breathing becomes hurried, and the heartbeat accelerates or slows significantly. Body temperature can reach above 40°C degrees. If the stomach takes on the cooling function, it is possible to feel another pronounced symptom is nausea or vomiting.

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If you find such symptoms in yourself or loved ones, immediately consult a doctor.