Weather in new York: life without rain

Weather in new York: life without rain

As if apologizing for the heavy rainfall last Friday, this week the weather has decided to please the new Yorkers and tourists a Sunny weekday, but with the expected rain in the weekend. However, for seven days, a certain stability is observed in such indicators as temperature and wind speed. Well, thank you for this: at least don’t have every day to think over the question whether to dress lighter or warmer.

Monday, may 8, in the sky, you can observe the sun, which, however, periodically hiding behind the clouds. That’s good. The air is warm – 60°F (16°C). Too bad. Will paralyse the leaves the wind up to 15 mph in the evening promises to subside. After dark, colder to 46°F (From). And here’s the surprise: 20% chance rain.

In fact, Tuesday is no surprise: the temperature is the same as Monday, and the day (59°F (15°C)) and at night (46°F (8°C)). The same wind speed, perhaps a little smaller. Except that the sun will hide a little more, and forecasters say that rain is not exactly expected.

Wednesday slightly warmer – up to 62°F (17°C) during the day and 48°F (9°C) at night. The sky is partly cloudy, but not without sunlight. The wind blows from the North 5 to 10 mph. Precipitation should not be expected.

Surprise – clearly not the motto of Thursday. Still, how can you claim the title of the unpredictable when day and night temperature almost a blueprint will repeat their last performance, the same applies to cloud cover, and wind?

On Friday, a little colder day 59°F (15°C), but the night will be slightly warmer than all the previous – 51°F (11°C). Wind variable up to 4 mph. With the onset of darkness to leave the house without an umbrella is not recommended, because in the late hours of Friday may start rainy season.

On Saturday , the city will be wet by day and night. Per day will drop to one inch of precipitation. Lowered the maximum temperature to 56°F (13°C), but night will be no colder than 50°F (10°C). The wind blows at a speed of from 10 to 25 mph, and sometimes gusts can exceed 40 mph. And the sun goes down, which is not surprising.

For the coming Sunday we’ll finally know who among the forecasters were right: some predict that the rains will pour in the afternoon, others say that only in the evening. Although the probability of precipitation is only 20-30%. No sun, but will warm up to 61°F (16°C) by day and colder by night 51°F (11°C). The wind calms down to 20 mph, and the night to 10 mph.