On the streets of Las Vegas fly thousands of crickets

The video appeared on the network on Friday, July 26, a street in Las Vegas literally drowning in thousands of crickets. Most likely, their invasion caused by high humidity in the area a few months ago. According to experts, insects are completely harmless though and are quite an impressive sight.

On account of the crickets fly over Luxor Hotel & Casino. Hear the author of the video, Lyft driver Jessica Powell says: «Oh, no, with the world something’s wrong, I can’t take it».

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«You know, they’re harmless, — says the woman — but they give me the creeps».

«It was a real madness. — says Diane Rodriguez, is also facing a swarm — We didn’t even dare go in there. Everything went crazy, nobody could understand what was happening.»

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This is legit the linq rn pic.twitter.com/IIZTFTgsCv

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According to the state entomologist Jeff knight, the number of adult locusts moving from the North to the center of Nevada’s unusual, but not unprecedented. These insects, emphasizes knight, do not carry diseases, do not bite and are unlikely to cause any damage to the local flora, before going forward in a few weeks.