Tropical storm «Eric» in the Pacific ocean could be a major hurricane today

Residents of the Hawaiian Islands urged to monitor weather updates as tropical storm «Eric», according to meteorologists, will gain strength and become a hurricane within the next 24 hours.

As reported in the National center of hurricanes (NHC), tropical storm «Eric» is currently rushing across the Pacific towards Hawaii with winds speeds of nearly 70 mph (110 km/h).

NHC has released today, July 29, warning that soon «Eric» will be the third hurricane of the season in this part of the Pacific ocean – after Alvin and Barbara.

Here is a recent longwave infrared satellite image of recently-named Tropical Storm Erick in the eastern Pacific Ocean between Baja Californina and Hawaii. Maximum sustain winds are 40 mph.

— The National Weather Service (@NWS) July 28, 2019

«Over the next 48 hours, he will gain strength and will likely become a hurricane on Monday and Tuesday, possibly by a major hurricane. The predicted trend towards weakening is expected by the end of the environment», — stated in the message.

According to senior AccuWeather meteorologist Carl Erickson, at present it is too early to say whether «Eric» «landing» in Hawaii, but the storm will have a strong influence on the big island (the island of Hawaii or Big island).

As added forecaster on the island is expected to the strongest surf, high waves and dangerous rip currents.

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By Wednesday, probably, «Eric» will face headwinds and will weaken to a tropical depression. However, all the preliminary forecasts, the residents of Hawaii should monitor the updates.

In addition, in the Pacific ocean is gaining momentum tropical storm «Flossie». Currently, it is 745 miles South of the tip of Baja California (Mexico) and moves to the mainland with a speed of about 20 mph.