The couple from Florida blew up a toilet when lightning struck in a septic tank during a thunderstorm

On Sunday, a couple from Florida and their three dogs jumped out of bed from the deafening roar. The devil, they just froze in horror: their toilet exploded during a thunderstorm. Lightning hit in a septic tank, which led to such tragic consequences.

«It was the loudest sound I heard,» said the hostess.

The explosion not only tore the porcelain toilet and broke the window, but nice scared neighbors. They flew the paintings from the wall.

Plumbing A-1 Affordable Plumbing said that the explosion occurred due to the fact that lightning hit the septic tank and methane gas from sewage, which accumulated in the pipes exploded, almost creating the effect of a bomb. Gas literally ripped the toilet, and the fragments went into the walls of the bathroom. The company assured that this happens very rarely, but Wardam will have to replace at least the septic tank, pipes and the toilet.

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The family thanks the fates that in that time no one went to the toilet.

Why you might think twice before going to the bathroom during a thunderstorm 🤭 Today at 5:55 on @NBC2

— Claire Lavezzorio (@ClaireNBC2) August 5, 2019

NOAA (National oceanic and atmospheric administration) provides the following recommendations on safety in the room during lightning strike:

  • Stay away from wired phones. Use cell and cordless.
  • Do not touch the electrical equipment: computers, TVs or cords.
  • Do not wash your hands, take a shower and wash the dishes.
  • Stay away from exterior Windows and doors with metal parts.
  • Do not lie on concrete floors and do not lean on concrete walls.