«The great migration of mattresses»: in Denver, dozens of inflatable mattresses were floating through the air (video)

Colorado is known for its herds of elk, bison, Buffalo, and deer… but mattresses?

A resident of Denverand captured the moment when a strong gust of wind lifted into the air, dozens of inflatable mattresses that were made for cinema under the open sky «Bed Cinema».

Local resident Robb of Maynes who made the video, called it «the Great migration of mattresses 2019».

«In Denver, Colorado, the storm broke, and this is the result,» wrote the man under the video.

He said that he was at the pool with friends in the heart of Stapleton near the appointed place for a scheduled viewing of the film, when she noticed something strange.

«We were just sitting in the pool, and suddenly two mattresses flew there. It was confusing, we didn’t understand what was happening,» said Maynes.

In the video it is noticeable that more and more mattresses are starting to arrive, like a herd of cattle.

People tried to grab the «wayward» mattresses, which norvilis to escape.

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«Pen» mattress back into place took residents for about 30 minutes. According to Robb of Maynes, it was a lot of fun.

«There was a woman who was trying to catch a mattress. She looked at us and, laughing, said: this is a disaster».

It is known that in the night under the open sky had to show the cult film «Back to the future».

Witness «the migration of mattresses» added that the storm that violate the planned party, is quite commonplace in Denver.

In comments to the video people are joking that it is not migration, and invasion, but the wall (hint on the wall trump) have to stop this invasion.