Gabriel and Juliet: in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans has formed a new tropical storms

While hurricane «Dorian» moves North, eventually weakening off the coast of Massachusetts, the national hurricane center (NHC) is watching two other tropical storms that have formed on both sides of the United States.

Currently, none of these storms, presumably, will not reach land, but meteorologists say, any tropical storm is quite unpredictable.

So, tropical storm Gabrielle is now in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, 990 miles from the nearest land (the Azores). It is expected to gain strength and become a hurricane on Sunday, September 8.

About the Pacific side of the continent formed tropical storm Juliette. Now it is 1090 miles from the southern tip of Baja California (Mexico), the report said the NHC. While the storm maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour.

At this time the storm winds rocked southeastern Massachusetts, because of the weakened to the 1st category hurricane Dorian continues to move North.

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At the beginning of Saturday, September 7, the epicenter of Dorian was located about 145 miles South-East of Nantucket (Massachusetts), and about 410 miles South-West from Halifax (Nova Scotia).

It is expected that the storm, which is moving to the North-East at a speed of about 25 mph, will bring bad weather in some parts of the canadian province later on Saturday.

Warnings in Canada apply to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the North shore of Quebec, in Prince Edward island and the Magdalene Islands.

In the US the storm warning now issued for individual areas of Massachusetts and Maine.