Autumn heat: in the United States predict more than 160 weather «heat» of records: up to +32 ºC

Came October: time for cosy sweaters, yellow leaves, pumpkins and… record 90-degree weather across the country!

Yeah, maybe with a sweater will have to wait.

Although the calendar – the middle of autumn, in some parts of the U.S. today, October 2, is truly a historic heat.

From Tuesday to Thursday, almost all over the country is projected to be 162 possible temperature maximum in the entire history of weather observations.

So, on Wednesday, the temperature in Central Park in new York city can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit (+32 Celsius). According to the National weather service, there were only five recorded cases when, in October, the air temperature reached 90 degrees, the most recent in 1941.

Temperatures in the region will approach record highs on Wednesday. Central Park may reach 90 degrees. Only 5 days on record have recorded a temperature of 90 degrees or above in October, the most recent being October 6th, 1941. Note that records for Central Park began in 1869.

— NWS New York NY (@NWSNewYorkNY) September 30, 2019

Already on Tuesday, record highs for October were broken in Cleveland and Dayton (Ohio); Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga (Tennessee); Louisville (Kentucky), Indianapolis, and Evansville (Indiana), Syracuse (state of new York), as well as in several cities in Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia.

However, such a joy, alas, will not last long. By Friday a cold front will come East and South-East USA. And in the northeast, particularly in Maine and other New England States, even night frosts are predicted.

While many are enjoying the unusual heat, in Montana, the recall beat others records. There fell a record amount of snow for this season, was snapped power lines, closed some of the trails. Weather is an extremely strange thing.