«Arctic outbreak» in the U.S. will worsen, it is expected up to 200 record lows

Get out your warm scarves and mittens – they will definitely come in handy.

The next few days in the United States will not just cold — they will be record cold.

According to the National weather service, more than 200 record lows may be set Monday to Wednesday.

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— The National Weather Service (@NWS) July 10, 2019

In the United States is coming «Arctic outbreak» with record low temperatures, which usually occur only in the middle of winter and that is mainly in the North of the country.

«It is expected that the Arctic front will reach even of Florida, said National weather service (NWS). Winter conditions, gusty winds, cold temperatures will be on 2/3 of the territory of the United States».

According to forecasts, the beginning of the week will be more like not mid-November and mid-January. The record low temperature is likely to register on-site from Texas to the Great Lakes.

Snowfalls are expected in Montana, North and South Dakota, Northern New England States, and in Michigan.

Sharp fall in air temperature are expected in the Midwest, particularly in Chicago (Illinois), and Minneapolis (Minnesota).

«By Monday evening the Arctic front will reach Northern Mexico and the Appalachian mountains, leading to a dramatic drop in air temperature over 24 hours 30-40 degrees!», — warn meteorologists.

In the Southeast U.S. the rains, and in the States West of the Rockies (which will protect against the Arctic front) will be dry and not cold.

In the NWS noted that the situation will change again by Thursday, when the start of a sharp warming.