Due to a winter storm forecasters are predicting «chaos» for millions of Americans traveling for thanksgiving

A strong winter storm, which, according to forecasts, is expected in the Central regions of the United States, including Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and the Great lakes region, will lead to chaos in traveling in the busiest day of the year on thanksgiving.

A storm system in some States will bring heavy snow and some heavy rains.

«Approaching storm system will bring heavy snowfall to the area from Denver to Minneapolis — said AccuWeather meteorologist Courtney Travis. – In this region the storm will reach by Wednesday evening next week».

In Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota and Pennsylvania (particularly Pittsburgh) on Tuesday and Wednesday will be heavy snowfalls, and in some areas winter storm that can lead to serious disruptions to travel, including delays and cancellations.

A pair of storm systems, one in the Great Lakes and one in the West, will have the potential to cause delays on the very busy travel day before Thanksgiving. https://t.co/ZVvit8F11N pic.twitter.com/2b2Fufgux7

— AccuWeather (@breakingweather) November 21, 2019.

«In the South, from Arkansas to Louisiana, and in Kentucky and Tennessee will be severe thunderstorms and rain,» said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Randy adkins.

Wednesday snow and sleet are expected in southern and Eastern regions along the highway I-70, 80 and 90.

As for the West of the country, its significant part, including California, also suffers from a heavy storm in the middle of next week. A storm coming from the Pacific. Snowfall and slippery roads can cause crashes on major highways such as I-80 and maybe I-5.

It is expected that more than 55 million passengers this year will go to travel for thanksgiving — 1.6 million more than last year.
Among them, to 49.3 million on the machines, 4.45 million on the aircraft and 1.49 million on trains, buses or ships.

Wednesday evening, November 27, forecast to be the worst day for travel in the country. Drivers should be prepared for major congestion on the roads.