The first supermoon 2020 you will see this weekend

The first full moon of February coincides with the amazing phenomenon called «Supermoon»: the moment when the moon is at the closest distance from the Earth. First superlon 2020 will illuminate the night sky in the upcoming weekend.

The full moon, the Earth’s inhabitants will be able to enjoy all weekend: superlon will be out on Friday, February 9, and will illuminate the night sky until Monday morning. NASA reports that the moon will reach its peak on Sunday at 22:33 et. The next supermoon will take place on 9 March, and in April and may will be observed superlow.

Super full moon since ancient times was considered an important day, most of the Nations of the Earth. Native Americans called it the «snow moon», in India this phenomenon was given the name Magha Purnima, the Buddhists, this day is celebrated the feast of macho Butch, and in China to spend the Holiday lights of Unisaw.

According to NASA, in addition to the supermoon in February will be able to catch a few unique cosmic phenomena. In the first week of the month for residents of Northern regions will see the mercury which reaches the highest point above the horizon this year. To see the elusive planet, it is enough to see in clear weather to the East. Inhabitants of North America lucky enough to witness the Eclipse of Mars: February 19, planet to «hide» behind the moon for an hour.