This week in Antarctica was hotter than Spain

This week in Antarctica is hotter than in Spain. On the southernmost continent of our planet thermometer for the first time showed 69,3 F (over +20,7 °C).

The record temperature was recorded by Brazilian scientists on the island of Seymour 9 Feb. The temperature in Antarctica broke the previous record of 67.6 F (almost +20 °C), registered in the Isle of Xinyi in January 1982.

This is the second temperature record on the White Continent this week.

Argentine scientists reported that registration is 64.9 F (+18,3 °C) at a military base Esperanza is the highest temperature in the continental Antarctic Peninsula.

Of 20.7°C on Seymour Island off Antarctica…

— Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) February 13, 2020

This record remains in effect, despite the new value to 69.3 F on Seymour island, as the island is not part of the main Peninsula.

This means that on the Seymour island were warmer than in Madrid on Sunday, where the temperature did not exceed 53,6 F (+12 °C).

Data temperature records are verified by the world Meteorological Organization for their accuracy.

The scientists who registered the «incredible and anomalous» readings said that pointed to a dangerous trend on the Peninsula.

The temperature on the White Continent ranges from 14 F (-10 °C) on the coast to -76 F (-60 °C) closer to the pole.

But the Antarctic Peninsula (North-Western coast around South America) is one of the most rapidly warming regions on the planet.

Average temperatures there have jumped by 5.4 F (15 °C) over the past 50 years.

«We are seeing a warming trend at many of the sites we track, said Guardian Carlos Schaefer, who works in a government project, Brazil Terrantar and controls the climate of the Antarctic. — But we’ve never seen anything like it».