A woman captured the «eye of the storm» after the storm Sierra

Resident of Ireland managed to do an amazing photo of the moon, a few moments after they subsided Sierra, recently swept Northern and Western Europe.

48-year-old Sarah Hodges has captured an amazing phenomenon when I saw a very bright moon, and hoping to share experiences with family and friends, took a few pictures. The woman was lucky to capture the moment when the moon was surrounded by clouds, thereby forming the shape of the eye, which sent the frame is of a menacing look — as if Mother Nature looks at humanity from heaven.

Sarah had no idea that her photos will receive a return that more than two thousand enthusiastic users of Facebook appreciated, and 35 thousand have shared her post.

Sarah said that I began to take pictures when the hurricane subsided. She went down to the kitchen and took a few pictures of the moon, which was shining brightly in the night sky.

«I’m obsessed with the moon, the sunset, the sunrise and the sea. — says Sarah. «I know I was lucky — people spend thousands on cameras to get that perfect shot.»

However, the woman did not notice unique the, in her words, the clouds constantly moved and she accidentally captured the moment when they have formed «eyes». Besides stunning luck underlines the fact that Sarah did not use any additional settings and the photo was taken just on the camera of her smartphone.

Despite all the losses and damages that brought hurricane Sierra, nature, still kept the balance, and gave people a unique spectacle.