A photo on which a flock of birds looks like the «Loch Ness monster», became a viral

An Amateur photographer from the UK managed to capture a stunning moment when a flock of birds flying over the sea, formed a figure that looks like the Loch Ness monster stretched its long neck out of the water.

65-year-old photographer bill Brooks visited Brighton to take courses on photography. A man was walking along the city pier and stopped to capture the spectacular sunset. Bill was amazed when I saw that captured not just the sunset, a flock of starlings that flew over the sea created a bizarre figure, resembling a Loch Ness monster.

«I knew I had about ten or 15 minutes before sunset,» says Brooks. «I didn’t expect it to be so impressive.»

Starlings made a murmuration — also known as «dance of the starlings»- a coordinated flock of birds, during which they create bizarre three-dimensional figures. The birds of the British Isles can gather in groups of more than 100 000 special, but it is not known why there is a «dance of starlings».

Brooks believes that he was lucky to catch the perfect conditions for a photo and to capture birds in such a unique moment — when they are bunched pack, and formed a cloud shaped like the legendary monster from Loch ness.

Ancient Scottish legend has it that at the bottom of lake Loch ness is inhabited by a huge monster with a long neck. This story was born around the sixth century, however, the maximum interest Nessie attracted in the end of XIX the beginning of XX century, especially after the famous «surgeon’s photo» of 1934, which in the end turned out to be fake.

Over the years, the legend gave birth to many different theories. Research 2019 indicate that an old legend may have a basis. There is a possibility that the witnesses were lucky to find the ancient dinosaur which lives on the bottom of the lake. However, in September 2019, a researcher from New Zealand, Neil Gemmell explained the phenomenon by the fact that it could be a giant eel, but not pliosaur, somehow survived the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.