About 70 million Americans are under a severe weather warning: gusts and tornadoes

About 70 million Americans are under threat of severe weather on Friday, April 10, as the storm system can bring squalls, including in new York, the epicenter of the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country. We will remind, in the state deployed several field hospitals, which are located in tents.

The center hurricane National weather service said that «destructive wind gusts» can be observed in the area of Washington (D.C.) and in new York, while another «portion» of severe weather may cover the areas of Texas that will affect about 70 million people.

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for parts of CT, DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA until 4 PM EDT pic.twitter.com/qpW3ndy4wv

— NWS Severe Tstorm (@NWSSevereTstorm) April 9, 2020

Strong gusts are also possible in southern New England, in Virginia and North Carolina.

Thunderstorms are predicted for individual areas of Connecticut, Delaware, Washington (D.C.), Maryland, new Jersey, new York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Forecasters warned about hail.

«We may have interruptions in electricity supply to large cities such as new York, Philadelphia and Washington (D.C.),» said senior meteorologist Fox News Janice Dean.

After Friday, forecasters are concerned about the bad weather, which can lead to a strong tornado on Easter Sunday.

The threat of strong tornadoes exists in some parts of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Also on Easter Sunday, the possibility of very heavy rain that may cause floods in some parts of the Southeast.