On Easter Sunday, in the South of the USA swept the tornado, 16 people were killed

The Governor of Mississippi of Tats Reeves declared a state of emergency in the state after severe storms and a tornado, which on Easter Sunday killed at least 16 people (Mississippi and Georgia).

Reeves declared a state of emergency on Sunday evening.

JUST IN! New video of the tornado on the ground near Brooksville, Mississippi earlier in the day today. #mswx #severeweather #tornado pic.twitter.com/VYkHEfRkHA

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) April 13, 2020

«Of course we wanted to celebrate the Passover, — wrote the Governor. — Thinking about death and resurrection, we believe that all will be resurrected together. Residents of Mississippi know that you are not alone. The state government and our rescuers are working around the clock and will not rest until until it was done. We are mobilizing all available resources to protect our people and their property.»

It is known, have died in the County of Jefferson Davis, in County Lawrence County Jones County Walthall. As reported by WTOK channel, in the County of Lawrence killed the Deputy Sheriff and his wife.

NEW VIDEO of destructive damage from a #tornado caused in Soso, #Mississippi Saturday afternoon. #MSwx #TornadoDamage pic.twitter.com/e4cs75KcvU

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) April 13, 2020

Severe weather also struck the County Chattooga in Georgia on Sunday evening, destroying homes and other buildings.

North Louisiana weather has damaged up to 300 homes. As of Monday morning there were no reports of serious injuries or deaths in the state.

Baptist Church at Soso Soso, Mississippi (near Laurel) sustained major tornado damage because of a large tornado that moved through earlier… Andee Thanks to Thomas for sending these photos. Terrible damage! @NickLilja @PatrickWDAM @NWSJacksonMS pic.twitter.com/ZjAAkPJnvm

— Spinks Megginson (@rzweather) April 13, 2020

The Monroe regional airport in Louisiana has suspended flights after debris began to fall on the runway. Airport Director Ron Phillips told Star News that the storm caused the aircraft damage from $25 to 30 million.

«Pray for our city! Many neighbors and friends had suffered catastrophic damage, — wrote the mayor of Monroe Jamie Mayo. — We hurt, but we’re not broken».

More than 220,000 homes and businesses remained without electricity in 8 southern States.