The man was struck by lightning seconds after the joke is that it can strike lightning (video)

A resident of Hawaiiwho during a storm led stream Live on Facebook and joked that it could hit by lightning, received a harsh lesson. Yes, as you’ve probably guessed, it was struck by lightning.

The man’s name is Maanouni Pugni, and he still couldn’t believe how lucky he was to survive.

Puni was minding my own business during the night shift in the building where he — ironically – monitors the sprinkler system, when he saw that the window in Honolulu a raging storm with the storm.

Many people like watching a thunderstorm, right? And Puni is no exception. He decided to climb to the roof of the 41-storey building for a better view.

Of course, from this height offers a picturesque view of the capital of Hawaii, but during a thunderstorm it is best to be as far away from such high roofs. Especially if you are in the hands of some conductive metal object.

As, for example, an umbrella.

When Puni appeared on the roof, in Facebook Live he made a clear comment that he might be killed by lightning.

«With an umbrella on the roof,’ said the man. — I might get struck by lightning».

Which is what happened.

Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather — KITV Channel 4

Although it was not a direct blow, the man was very close to the «epicenter». In an interview on KITV4 Puni said:

«I fell down. Felt like my hands clasped and my head was on fire. Now I knock on wood that’s still alive.»

Let’s hope lightning doesn’t hit twice in the same place. Or that Puni will cease during a thunderstorm to go to a high roof with a lightning rod in his hands.