Driver caught on video the moment when a huge tornado crossed the highway

A resident of Florida witnessed a sickening sight – and took video, as a huge tornado crosses the highway in the sunshine state.

Seth Raper Monday, April 20, drove from Tampa (Florida) via I-75 in Sumter County when he saw the large «funnel» of the tornado crossing the highway.

Live man was sent to the chief meteorologist of the local channel WFTS Dennis Phillips. Fortunately, according to preliminary information, nobody was hurt when severe weather struck the South-Eastern States on Monday.

The Sheriff’s office Marion County reported fallen trees and debris from the storm on I-75. Two-lane interstate was temporarily closed.

STUCK ON I-75…In case you were or you are stuck in traffic on I-75 southbound here is what is going on…The storm…

Geplaatst door Marion County Sheriff’s Office op Maandag 20 april 2020

The Sheriff’s office Citrus County stated that power lines were downed in the area of Halls River Road and U. S 19. Officers urged motorists to avoid the area and choose an alternate route.

Homosassa residents also reported seeing a tornado in the city centre.

Severe weather is expected in Florida on Tuesday, April 21. Throughout the area of Tampa Bay can get strong thunderstorms.