In California, earthquake by force 4 points: there is a threat of landslides

United States geological survey (USGS) reported an earthquake near Ridgecrest (California), 13 km South-West of Searles Valley.

An earthquake measuring 4 points occurred at 20:46 hours local time at a depth of 8.8 km. According to a report by the U.S. Geological survey, the earthquake was felt within a radius of approximately 60 kilometers.

Report on the impact of the USGS shows «green» alert level, which means a low likelihood of casualties and damage. It is also reported that the population in the region mostly live in houses, resistant to earthquakes.

As for the secondary effects of the recent earthquake in this area can cause dangerous landslides.

According to the Federal emergency management Agency (FEMA), here are some signs that a landslide will occur:

  • changes in the landscape, earth movement, small slides, flows or progressively leaning trees;
  • doors or Windows sticking;
  • new cracks appear in plaster, tile, brick or foundations;
  • the rupture of underground utilities;
  • water breaks through the ground surface in new locations;
  • weak rumbling sound that is getting louder – in this case, the landslide is coming.