Polar cyclone overwhelm new York city: this weekend will be record cold

This weekend, a polar vortex will descend on the North-East. It can bring the region’s first may snowfall in 18 years and intense cold in new York.

Winter air masses coming to the region on Friday, may 8, according to the office of the National weather service in Albany.

«We continue to carefully watch from Friday afternoon to evening for the storm that could bring snowfall in most parts of Eastern new York and Western New England,» — said the weather service in Facebook.

According to AccuWeather meteorologist Tom Chinese, the Catskill mountains can also be enjoyed the snow, but most snow is between 15 and 30 cm may fall in new Hampshire and Vermont, and Maine.

«This weather pattern is definitely more typical of winter than may — said the meteorologist. This air mass comes from polar regions, located in the far North of Canada.»

In new York the snow is not expected but on Friday afternoon it will rain. The temperature Friday night will fall, reaching record-low numbers at +2 °C.

The beginning of next week will be cold, but the city warms up by Wednesday, may 13, where the expected temperatures will be above normal.