In North Carolina, a tornado killed 3 people

In North Carolina, a tornado killed 3 people

According to authorities, 3 people were killed and at least 10 injured as a result of a tornado that struck North Carolina overnight — destroying at least 50 homes and leaving thousands of people without electricity.

The tornado reached Brunswick County shortly before midnight. According to the Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation, most of the damage, as well as all the victims, occurred in the Ocean Ridge Plantation area.

Kate Gentle of Shallott told NBC News on Tuesday that the storm was «completely insane.»

«I’ve never felt a thunderstorm under my feet before. «The floor was vibrating,» she said —

BREAKING: Three people are dead and 10 are injured after a tornado ripped through Brunswick County, North Carolina overnight.

The sheriff’s office who took these photos says several homes have been destroyed.

— Rob Way (@RobWayTV) February 16, 2021

Representatives of the district emergency management department said that when the rescue operations began, there were reports of people trapped in their own homes. According to CNN, there is no information about the missing at the moment.

«I’ve never seen anything like this before,» County Sheriff John Ingram said during a briefing, adding that there was «a lot of destruction.»

«The recovery process [after the tornado] will be long,» he said.

The tornado followed a strong storm that brought snow, ice and abnormal frosts to the United States. In this regard, in Texas, according to, almost 4 million people woke up without electricity.