NASA says fireball flew over Vermont

NASA says fireball flew over Vermont

see a fireball flying in the skies over Vermont.

The fireball first appeared at 5:40 pm, more than 50 miles above Mount Mansfield Forest. According to NASA, the bright meteor was moving at more than 42 thousand miles per hour.

“The space object was severely shattered, creating a pressure wave that shook buildings and emitted a sound that was heard by those who were close to the trajectory of movement meteor. — wrote a group on the social network. “Such a pressure wave could also cause minor shocks that would be picked up by seismic instruments in the area.”

Several Vermont residents have called local newsrooms to report how they saw or felt the meteor after as it flew overhead.

You called us from all over the state Sunday evening, reporting a loud boom and a body-rattling vibration. Well, we found out you were hearing and feeling a meteor hit the atmosphere! ☄️

— Christina Guessferd (@WCAX_Christina) March 8, 2021

“I was very excited about what I saw. — said Al Gregorich from South Burlington — I will never forget this phenomenon. ”

Scientists from NASA Meteor Watch stated that the object was probably a fragment of an asteroid.