A new tropical storm has reached Florida shores

A new tropical storm has reached Florida shores

On Wednesday, September 8, in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida a new tropical cyclone named & # 34; Mindy & # 34 ;. He reached the coast of the state a few hours ago. Read today in USA.ONE :

America is threatened by a new cyclone

This was reported by the US National Hurricane Watch.

Tropical cyclone & # 34; Mindy & # 34; reached Florida

In particular, the message said:

& # 34; A new tropical cyclone has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and in the evening it will reach the shores of Florida in the Penhendle area & # 34 ;.

At the same time, it is clarified that the element originated less than 100 miles (160 km) from the west coast of the state. Wind speed at the epicenter of & # 34; Mindy & # 34; estimated at 75 km/h, which is equal to the strength of a tropical storm. The first on the way of the elements was the island of St. Vincent, which is located 100 km from the state capital of Tallahassee. Wind gusts in the coverage area reach 24 m/s.

According to forecasts, the storm & # 34; Mindy & # 34; will walk through northern Florida, as well as South Carolina and Georgia. In 2021, this is already the 13th cyclone in the Atlantic hurricane season.

Meanwhile, the number of victims of Hurricane Ida, which hit the coast of the Gulf of Mexico on August 29, increased from 71 to 82. In Louisiana, the deaths of 11 more people were confirmed, among whom 7 were guests of one of the nursing homes. Thus, the total number of victims in the state rose to 26. Four more died in the southeastern US and 52 in the northeast.

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