Storm Nicholas struck Texas. Biden calculates losses

Storm Nicholas struck Texas. Biden calculates losses

Tropical storm yesterday morning, September 14 & # 34; Nicholas & # 34; reached the shores of Texas. He struck southeast of Matagorda. This was reported by the National Hurricane Observation Center. Read today in the magazine USA.ONE :

Texas has covered a new storm

What is known about the consequences of the disaster, where will it go next and how much does Joe Biden estimate the losses?

By Texas was hit by storm & # 34; Nicholas & # 34;

The wind speed inside the hurricane is estimated at 120 km/h, which allows it to be classified as a Category 1 storm on a 5-point scale based on destructive potential and maximum wind speed. This is the sixth storm to be named after the Atlantic hurricane season.

& # 34; Nicholas & # 34; provoked heavy rains and strong gusts of wind in parts of Texas and neighboring Louisiana. So far, no information has been received about the victims, but the hurricane has already managed to bring the first disasters: it knocked down trees and thoroughly damaged residential buildings. At the moment, it is reported about 400 thousand residents of the state who were left without electricity.

According to forecasters, the storm has already weakened, but the risk of flooding remains very high. Next & # 34; Nicholas & # 34; will not move northeast away from Houston and move to Louisiana. The local authorities have not yet calculated the losses from the new storm, but the US President predicts that various cataclysms that have occurred this year may empty the country's budget by $ 100 billion.

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