Over California appeared cloud tornado (video)

Over California appeared cloud tornado (video)

Of course, fog is a frequent phenomenon, especially for the Bay Area.

But even accustomed to a variety of natural phenomena residents in Santa Cruz, California, was struck by the picture that opens their eyes to the environment.

A giant cloud mass formed on the beach just a couple of minutes, and swept past like a tornado.

ABC7 News photographer took this amazing atmospheric phenomenon, which he called «tomando». He said that the wind rose with such force that held things in the air, including a children’s pool, which flew from the yard to the street.

As told by the weather forecaster of News Weather ABC7 Spencer Christian, is a «tomando» occurred because of low clouds and fog that appeared over the water and the wind gave them in the form of a tornado (although it is, of course, not it).

Recall, drivers in new York witnessed a strange phenomenon – a mysterious Golden glow.

It’s a bird it’s a plane, it’s… #FOGNADO! Or, at least, that’s what we’re calling this unusual bank of clouds. https://t.co/DiEgZ8PS6n pic.twitter.com/Kx6cbICkmA

— LiveDoppler7 (@LiveDoppler7) August 4, 2017