The streets of new Jersey turned into rivers: new York next?

The streets of new Jersey turned into rivers: new York next?

This morning on the new Jersey storm hit.

As they say forecasters, this is only the first round, the second is to be expected after noon. But this weather had to make troubles.

According to the National weather service, high winds damaged power lines, and the rain caused floods. Especially from the area of the «Three States» went to new Jersey.

In Totowa the wind knocked down branches of trees, and in some places city streets are severely flooded. Even less fortunate residents of the city of Hackensack, where there is a street named in honor of the Hudson, which itself turned into a river. The local fire service urges drivers to drive around this area.

@ABC7NY @ABC7NY @brian4NY @FiOS1NewsNJ @fox5ny with @CBSNewYork @LeeGoldbergABC7 severe flooding in Hackensack Hudson Street due to downpours

— HackensackFDNJ (@HackensackFDNJ) August 18, 2017

As reported in the police in South Brunswick, new Jersey, because of the weather, an accident occurred on the highway. The car went off the road and crashed right into the pond to a depth of over 8 feet. Fortunately, an eyewitness to the accident helped the driver to get out.

WATCH — Rt 1 crash sends car flying off highway into retention pond. Car submerged in 8 feet of water. Witness helps driver swim out.

— So Brunswick PD (@SoBrunswickPD) August 18, 2017

Hit a storm and new York. So, at the subway station 34th Street-Penn from the ceiling flowed streams of water. According to some passengers, they had on the way to work, even buy new socks and shoes, because their shoes were soaking wet.

The second «wave» of the storm, expected to hit the tri-state area (new Jersey, new York and Connecticut) after lunch, since two o’clock.

Special warning forecasters did for part of Suffolk and Nassau counties on Long Island, and for Fairfield County, Connecticut.

All passengers who have to fly on an airplane at this time, you need to check the information about the flight, possible delays.

But the weekendas the beginning of the next working week, say forecasters, will be dry and warm.