New York warned of hail and tornadoes

New York warned of hail and tornadoes

It is unlikely that people of new York missed the rainy and windy weather, but the forecasts of meteorologists disappointing.

So, today, 22 August, at the North-East of the United States will fall next storm.

New York warned of hail and tornadoes

As reported by weather forecasters AccuWeather, dry air from Canada will face wet which moves from the valley of the Mississippi and Ohio, and it will bring in the North-Eastern States of the storm, thunderstorms, heavy rains and winds strong enough to damage power lines and topple trees.

«Possible hail, and in some places – and the tornado,» says AccuWeather meteorologist Eric Leister.

Due to the rapid rise of water in the rivers, possible local flooding, and on the interstate highways 64 and 70, 80, 81 87, and 90 may be traffic delays. Drivers are asked to exercise caution.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, especially strong winds and flooding are expected to the North and West of new York city, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington in the late afternoon Tuesday. Showers can last and after sunset.

But from Wednesday, August 23, a storm front will gradually move further South in Virginia and North Carolina.