Hurricane Harvey: the current state of the (news updates)

Hurricane Harvey: the current state of the (news updates)

Hurricane Harvey already intensified to a dangerous category three on a five-point scale. This was stated by the United States Center for the prevention of hurricanes (NHC). In the next 3 days of the hurricane, under forecasts of the Center, will cause significant damage to the territory due to the heavy rain (average expected loss of up to 20 inches of rain). Many areas prone to flooding. Forecasters say that the main threat is isolated, since heavy rain actually able to turn a single city into «Islands».

A hurricane is advancing so rapidly that «window» for evacuation of the inhabitants of the territory, who are in the risk zone, very small, — said Brock long, Director of the Federal Agency for management of emergency situations.

Hurricane Harvey: the current state of the (news updates)

The Center reported that the hurricane is accompanied by sustained winds speeds up to 110 mph (177 kilometers per hour). The maximum recorded wind speed is 120 mph (193 km / h). According to forecasts, the hurricane will fall upon coast of Texas on Friday evening or Saturday morning. The scale of the hurricane is so great that the echoes can be recorded also on the Gulf coast of Alabama and Western Florida.

As soon as the hurricane reaches the coast, should be its gradual weakening, but due to the fact that a large part of the hurricane remains over the warm Gulf of Mexico, which it also feeds, according to forecasts of the Center, the weakening can be much slower than usual. Moreover, after a slight weakening, forecasters predict the return of a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, and then applying a new strike next week in the Houston area.

Hurricane Harvey will become the first hurricane that will reach the coast of Texas since hurricane IKE in 2008. After IKE’s communication network was restored and renovated so that they could withstand a hurricane category 5. This factor has largely influenced the decision of many Texans to abandon the evacuation.

The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott expressed his concern that despite the regular warnings about the need for immediate evacuation of coastal residents, leaving very few in comparison with the number of evacuees in past hurricane.

President trump said that he was personally monitoring the developments on hurricane Harvey and urged all residents of Texas to listen to the recommendations and requirements of officials.

#HurricaneHarvey strengthens to Category 3.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) August 25, 2017

As at 2.30 day, a storm front had nearly reached the cities of Corpus Christi and Port Aransas.

The state government actively encourage people to evacuate, describing the hurricane as a «catastrophic» able «to deprive of life.»