«Bomb cyclone» in the United States: snow storms, road closures and cancellation of flights (video)

Yesterday, April 10, to several States hit by the so-called «bomb cyclone»that brought heavy snowfalls in April. Forecasters now fear floods. The strongest shock took over South Dakota, Minnesota and Colorado. Heavy snowfall has disrupted air and ground transport in the environment. Roads impassable in the North-Eastern part of South Dakota, the visibility dropped to a few feet. In Denver overturned half the daily flights. It’s April in South Dakota….

April 11, 2019

In the South-Eastern States is coming a severe storm: in the danger zone 26 million people

About 26 million people are «in danger zone» of strong stormsthat move East through the States of the Gulf coast. The first blow of the bad weather, according to forecasts, will happen today, Monday, April 8. As reported by the staff of the National weather service, on Monday of possible storms with destructive winds and hail in Georgia (including Atlanta), East Tennessee, North and South Carolina (including Charlotte and Roles),…

April 8, 2019

New coming hurricane season: 13 to predict personal storms

April 5, 2019

It’s only been four months since the end of last hurricane season, but it is time to think about the near future. 1 June — the traditional date of the beginning of hurricane season, and the team in their research of the University of Colorado (Colorado State University) yesterday, 4 April, issued its initial forecasts for the year ahead. According to experts, in the Atlantic is expected to 13 «named»…


California authorities are trying to minimize the risk of forest fires, but experts advise to prepare for the worst

March 25, 2019

For many years California is suffering from large-scale disasters, in particular fires. Each time the damage from violence of elements increases and the number of victims is growing. In 2018 the forest fires killed more than 100 people and damages in the tens of billions of dollars. Worse still, experts suggest further deterioration of the situation, despite the attempts of state authorities to prevent the growing threat. Paradoxically, the fact…


Scientists are waiting for meganathan in the southern States this spring

Scientists believe that the flood in the Mississippi valley this spring could become historic in its scope and appeal to the authorities and residents of States that are at risk of flooding, to take urgent action. There continue to be serious flood risks across large parts of the Missouri and Mississippi River basins. If you are under a flood warning, take action to get to a safe place. pic.twitter.com/jfXOw11kDo —…

March 22, 2019

Why unemployed immigrant volunteers in the U.S.

I took an assistant teacher of English as a foreign language in a class for beginners. It is not yet an «adult» work. On a volunteer basis. But by local standards a big step forward. Probably on the other side of the pond is not very clear to my joy — I am free «yuzayut», think someone. Meanwhile. To the States to work at least approximately for the profession, which…

March 21, 2019

Alessandra Biagi: driver’s license illegal immigrants will protect all

The legislature is considering a bill that would allow not to specify when obtaining the right immigration status, which will allow even unregistered immigrants to obtain licenses for driving. A member of the Senate Alessandra Biagi believes that this law will make the roads in new York safer, citing the experience of other States. Currently, 12 States, including California, new Mexico, Utah and Washington, have already adopted similar laws. Since…

March 20, 2019

Flooded Nebraska: the worst flooding seen from space

March 19, 2019

Nebraska continues to battle the largest in its history, the flood. Source: Nebraska National Guard Last week, the «bomb cyclone» struck the Midwest, bringing heavy rains to the territory from Texas to Minnesota. Due to the fact that the soil is not sufficiently warmed to quickly absorb water, started flooding, and river in the basins of the Mississippi and Missouri flooded. The main blow fell on Nebraska and Iowa, killing…


The Missouri river flooded three States of emergency, people died

Heavy rains and melting snow on the Average the Westhave led to the fact that in some areas the river Missourand overflowed. Flooding in Nebraska and Iowa has been called «historic» for the region. Hundreds of families were forced to hastily evacuate. At this point, reported three dead. West Dodge near Riverside lake pic.twitter.com/QcDJFABe9W — OPD Helicopter (@OPDABLE1) March 17, 2019 According to preliminary information, in Nebraska, killing 50-year-old farmer,…

March 18, 2019

Rain in new York will end on Friday. The weekend will be Sunny, but windy

According to the National weather service (NWS), next weekend in new York precipitation is not expected. The weather will be Sunny, but the temperature maximum does not exceed 12°C. By the evening of Friday, March 15, the temperature of the air in the city will decrease from 18°C to 4°C. Rain is likely to go during the day and stop around midnight. On Saturday, March 16, the probability of rain…

March 15, 2019