Tropical storm «Eric» in the Pacific ocean could be a major hurricane today

Residents of the Hawaiian Islands urged to monitor weather updates as tropical storm «Eric», according to meteorologists, will gain strength and become a hurricane within the next 24 hours. As reported in the National center of hurricanes (NHC), tropical storm «Eric» is currently rushing across the Pacific towards Hawaii with winds speeds of nearly 70 mph (110 km/h). NHC has released today, July 29, warning that soon «Eric» will be…

July 29, 2019

On the streets of Las Vegas fly thousands of crickets

The video appeared on the network on Friday, July 26, a street in Las Vegas literally drowning in thousands of crickets. Most likely, their invasion caused by high humidity in the area a few months ago. According to experts, insects are completely harmless though and are quite an impressive sight. On account of the crickets fly over Luxor Hotel & Casino. Hear the author of the video, Lyft driver Jessica…

July 28, 2019

A heat wave in the US has caused the death of 6 people

Deadly heat covers almost half of the territory of the United States. According to the authorities, she can suffer up to 200 million Americans from the Midwest to the East coast. High temperature has caused the death of six people. According to CBS News, four people were killed in Maryland, one died in Arizona and one in Arkansas because of the heat. The overall temperature will rise to 100-115°F (37-46°C)…

July 22, 2019

Deadly heat waves: in the United States conducted an experiment in a closed in the sun, the car baked cookies (photo)

The national weather service in Nebraska has demonstrated the impact of the intense heat, trying to bake cookiesusing only the car and the sun. In a series of tweets on Thursday, the national weather service in Omaha valley and published a photo of an experiment with biscuits, which was carried out for eight hours. The experiment was carried out, as a warning of the strongest heat was done for the…

July 19, 2019

On the United States is approaching the 40-degree «heat wave.»

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, a powerful heat wave over the weekend, «fry» most of the United States. The national weather service (NWS) this week warned that «scorching heat» will affect about two-thirds of the population, from Wednesday-Thursday and the rest of the week. «On Friday and Saturday is expected a total of 20 to 30 record highs», — stated in the message NWS on Twitter. Very hot and humid…

July 18, 2019

When the Sorority had to cancel a Convention in Louisiana because of the storm, «Barry», they donated 17 thousand dishes

The last few days the people of Louisiana held, in preparation for the rapidly approaching state hurricane «Barry». The members of the student community Delta Sigma Theta decided early to finish the Convention in New Orleans, which was to last until Sunday — razehalis instead, on Friday, July 12. Fortunately, the event organizers and their suppliers — Centerplate — did not waste the snacks prepared for the guests. On the…

July 14, 2019

Tropical storm «Barry» became a hurricane the first category. At risk — 3 million people

Millions of Americans continue preparations for «Barry», officially became a hurricane the first category and the first hurricane in the United States this year. According to the latest data, its epicenter is 40 miles South of Lafayette (La). The wind speed reaches 75 mph. Hurricane #13 Advisory Barry: Barry Becomes a Hurricane as it is Moving Onto the Louisiana Coast. — National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) July 13, 2019 All…

July 13, 2019

Hurricane «Barry» can be formed tomorrow in Louisiana declared a state of emergency

July 11, 2019

The national hurricane center tries to be a possible «track» movement of a tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico, which may soon become a hurricane «Barry». The tropical system is still not considered a depression, but forecasters expect that it will happen «soon», and by Friday, July 12, it could become a hurricane «Barry». Category probable hurricane is not yet established. According to forecasts, on Saturday, July 13, at…