Russia threatened to block Facebook

Russia threatened to block Facebook

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov has threatened to lock the social network Facebook in Russia next year.

Zharov about it today, 26 September, said several Russian news agencies, reports Accosiated Press.

Russia threatened to block Facebook

According to Zharova, his Department will work to «require Facebook to comply with the law on personal data». Recall that this law, which came into effect in 2015, requires that foreign companies that process personal data of Russian citizens, and kept them on the territory of Russia.

The law has repeatedly been criticized by the public for fear that their data will subsequently be able to transfer to the Russian security services.

«The Russian government understands that Facebook is a unique service, but no one will be exceptions. We will have to block the social network in that case, if by 2018, the company will lead its work in Russia in accordance with our legislation,» — said Alexander Zharov.

The head of Roscomnadzor added that Twitter has already identified the period of localization of personal data of users is mid-2018.

Recall, the resource Linkedin refused to comply with such requirements as a result has been blocked in Russia. Not just Roskomnadzor threatened blocking of the messenger Telegram.