Italian town will give 2 thousand Euro, if you stay there

Italian town will give 2 thousand Euro, if you stay there

Nicola Gatta, mayor of the town of Candela in the Italian region of Puglia, makes a financial offer who want to move here in the hope that it will increase the number of residents in a locality which is rapidly emptying.

Gatta told CNN Travel that he wants to return to the city figure of 8 thousand inhabitants – this Candle was in 90-e years when it was called «Little Naples». Now in the town, which is more like a village, only 2,700 residents.

Italian town will give 2 thousand Euro, if you stay there

The decreasing population of the old Italian towns for decades is a national problem. Many residents emigrated in the postwar years, and later the youth began to leave the countryside to the cities.

Some have tried to find a solution. The village of Civita di Bagnoregio (there are only 12 permanent residents!) began position as an ideal location for photos in Instagram, near Rome. The strategy worked, and soon the number of visitors to the village has increased to 800 thousand per year. In Calabria virtually abandoned city of RIAs back to life refugees.

By the way, offer to pay the potential inhabitants is not new. In may, Daniel Gagliano, the mayor of Bormida — a small town in rural Liguria has offered €2 thousand through Facebook anyone who would like to move here. Soon he had to cancel his offer as wanting was too much.

But Nicola Gatta is not going to stop. According to him, six families have already moved from Northern Italy, five in the process.

Interested in dolce vita? Then you will need to rent a house in the town, as well as earning more than 7 500 euros per year.

If you meet the requirements, the city Council will pay 800 euros alone people, 1200 euros – pairs and 2,000 euros – families. In addition, residents will be available tax credits and help with childcare.

However, be prepared for the fact that this is not a classic beach of Puglia. Candela is an hour’s drive from the coast, the nearest international airport is 90 minutes ‘ drive, in the city of Bari.